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Ministry of Transport extends PSO flights!

Written by: Nenad Sredojević.



Although the Public Service Obligation (PSO) contract has expired with the last day of March, the Croatian Ministry of Transport and Communications signed a new agreement with the airlines to extend the PSO flights until the end of October.

According to Captain Marko Cvijin, owner of Trade Air, the contract for the extension of the PSO flights was signed until the end of October, given the situation and the delay in announcing the regular PSO competition. It is not yet known exactly when the flights will start, as there are still many restrictions on air travel. The conditions under which the transport of passengers will be carried out are also still unknown (the decision of our regulators is pending), so the exact date is yet to be defined.

According to information available to Avioradar, PSO flights will certainly not start before early June.

The lines that used to be operatrd under the PSO program in previous years are:


Dubrovnik – Zagreb – Dubrovnik, CTN
Split – Zagreb – Split, CTN
Zagreb – Zadar – Pula – Zadar – Zagreb, CTN
Osijek – Dubrovnik – Osijek,  CTN
Osijek – Split – Osijek, CTN 
Zagreb – Brač – Zagreb, CTN
Osijek – Zagreb – Osijek, TDR
Osijek – Pula – Split – Pula – Osijek, TDR
Osijek – Rijeka – Osijek, TDR
Rijeka – Split – Dubrovnik – Split – Rijeka, TDR

Photo © V.Č.