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CROATIA AIRLINES - only flights to Frankfurt, Split and Dubrovnik

Written by: Nenad Sredojević.


At the beginning of March this year, Croatia Airlines responded  to a call from Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure to extend domestic traffic in order to maintain the continuity of the domestic scheduled air services.

Ministry of Transport extends PSO flights!

Domestic flights in Croatia to resume with operation

ZL Pula / Zadar - Croatia Airlines flights canceled, foreign companies delay

An agreement was signed with the Ministry to preserve the continuity of traffic connections and scheduled regular air services within the Republic of Croatia. This agreement defines the scope and standard of the service in an unchanged form with respect to the expired contract, which was valid until March 28, 2020. That is, the obligation of Croatia Airlines to perform regular domestic traffic until October 24 this year, ie until the beginning of the period in which a new obligation will be determined.

Unfortunately, the measures that forbid leaving the residence determined by the National Civil Protection Headquarters in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, influenced the implementation of the PSO program, ie the operation of domestic scheduled air traffic.

Re-establishing and maintaining traffic connections within the Republic of Croatia is one of the key tasks of Croatia Airlines and the company is pleased to receive news of relaxed measures by the National Civil Protection Headquarters, which will enable partial renewal of regular passenger traffic within Croatia. In this context, from May 11, two flights per day (morning and evening) are planned for the Zagreb - Dubrovnik - Zagreb and Zagreb - Split - Zagreb routes.

The flights have been put out for reservation and sale, and the specified flight schedule has been adapted for transfer passengers flying in from Frankfurt, so that they can continue their journey to Split and Dubrovnik upon landing in Zagreb. It is expected that such a timetable would be maintained until the next wave of epidemiological relaxation, which will allow the deployment of additional domestic flights. - Croatia Airlines stated.


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